Monday, July 27, 2015

Who's #notready?

Vanessa Perez blogged about her #notreadytour challenge.  Most classrooms undergo massive transformations over the summer.  I'm using this blog space to meet her challenge.

There are many types of summer teachers.  Some wait until July, others August, while some stand outside the doors waiting for the wax to dry in order to begin working in the classroom.  I fall into the latter category.  My goal is to get the classroom set up so the focus can return to curriculum.  This year included a new classroom as well as add a new subject.  So yes, I was impatiently waiting for the wax to dry.  

June met me with choices.  It is possible there were still "Wet Wax" signs on the doors, but I promise permission was given to enter the doors.

A sea of desks and LOTS of stuff on the counter.
Oh, the possibilities!
Love those shiny floors!
There were many organization and decorative decisions to resolved.  I love the vibrant colors that teachers use, but the OCD in me had to stick with the red that is in the tile and on the walls.

My reading corner.  I blogged about this before.  Books are still piled on desks while I decide how to arrange them.
Those are grammar dots and are designed to be a reference for often confused issues.  
This is my teacher corner.  I'm not using a traditional desk - just the computer desk. (That bulletin board is not done.)
 My goal was a space to offer additional assistance.
The bookshelf will be used to house our Interactive Notebooks.
This bulletin board is command center for the lunch menu, sports' schedules, and classroom assignment calendar.
The pocket chart can be moved to cover up the board (command hooks & curtain rod) when we use Multi-Sensory Grammar.

While my physical space is ready, I am #notready.  Everything I want to do curriculum-wise is still a jumble in my brain.  Hopefully that puzzle will be worked out soon.  August 10 is only two weeks away!

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