Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Planning for Success

As I reflect upon the school year, two areas of concern kept popping into my mind.

1.  Absent Work
2. Trash

While you may be thinking that I've finally fallen off my rocker, please hear me out.

We have two types of absent students - the chronic absentees who miss every Monday or at least one day every two weeks and the ones who are in every activity imaginable.  There are a lot of activities in the spring. A LOT.

This past year I took a step forward and created a file similar to this picture.  I was sure this would be the cure to my pain.  While it helped, it was more for me.  Setting up a management system where the students would go to the folder and get the work would probably have been a good idea.  Unfortunately that simple thought did not strike at an appropriate time.
I'd love to give credit.  This
Pinterest photo leads to a
Tumblr photo.
Here is my new plan for this year.

If you would like the label, you can download it HERE.

Will this take some training up front?  Yes.  Will it be worth it come crazy-time in the spring?  I hope so.  Thoughts are still mulling on how exactly to manage this.  It's possible we will have jobs that rotate in our groups - supplies, absent work, turning in papers, and trash.  

These folders are going to be placed in the storage containers that I will somehow acquire before August 10.  (Want to make a donation? I need 8 containers!)

This photo is from the Superhero Teacher's Resources

Trash was my second area of concern.  I implemented I'm Lovin' Lit's interactive notebooks last year. I was very happy with the outcome, but getting there was messy.

I headed out to my local Dollar Trees to see what they had for containers.  If you are a teacher and have never been to Dollar Tree, go right now!  They have a teacher section.  If you go early, there is a decent selection.  Need bulletin board letters?  They have them- for ONE DOLLAR!   Each store has a slightly different selection, and I will admit going to all three Dollar Tree stores the other day.

Dollar Tree - $1.00

The cute pencil folder pictured above?  Pack of three for $1.00 from the Dollar Tree.

I was SUPER excited to find these small trash cans.  They will fit perfectly on top of the containers I will acquire before August 10.  I added numbers to both sides of the trash can.  These will be my group numbers.

My trip to the Dollar Tree(s) resulted in 9 (3 packs of 3) absent folders, 8 trash cans, and one set of letters.  Two of my biggest reflection concerns solved for under $15 and a plan to implement.

What new things are you planning for next fall?